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September 29, 2005


Elisa Camahort

Ah, you're hitting on one of my very favorite themes...The Myth of Purity, as I call it, most recently here:

Blogvangelists wanted blogging to take over the online world, and now some of them are upset that it has, and it's being used in ways of which they don't approve. Too bad. That's what I say anyway :)

I certainly believe in stating up front any relevant "disclosures" of influence or conflict, but I don't believe we lose our right to talk about something because those influences or conflicts exist. Jeez, if Scalia didn't have to recuse himself for duck hunting with a guy appearing before the Supreme Court I don't think a blogger should have to recuse himself from talking about a bottle of wine that was given to him!

Elizabeth Albrycht

Nice post Elisa! Can you tell I am way behind in blog reading? I haven't been by your blog in a coon's age (old Vermont saying).

I hadn't really thought overmuch of the ethics of signatures...I generally use a signature with a link when the form allows it. I do so to take ownership of my words. However, on blogs that don't have that option, I usually only do so if I think my comment is relatively substantive and/or I think others would want to come visit my blog.

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