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March 17, 2006


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» Mrs. Albrycht kicked off the EUROblog 2006 from die Abschussstelle
und hat wohl neues vernommen. Ich hoffe, ich kann über die Blogs partizipieren, weil ich habe die Teilnahme mindestens verschlafen... [Read More]

» Deutschland, Deutschland über alles from No Copy
[photo Philip Young] Got back yesterday from the Euroblog symposium in Stuttgart. I had a jolly good time, drinking lots of coffee and eating even more biscuits. Of course, it was even a greater pleasure meeting up with some [Read More]



Great keynote to start this day - you've mentioned quite a lot of interesting topics to follow today and tomorrow. And obviously you like broccoli.. ;-)

Elizabeth Albrycht

Thanks! And I love broccoli!

Steffen Büffel

I am not a broccoli person. I only like broccoli soup! ;-) But I surely liked your key note. Thanks for those very insightful remarks on participatory communications. What you said generated a lot of new ideas for my own work.

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