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May 29, 2006


Public Relations India

hi Elizabeth
Great view. but I'd rather feel like just enjoying the scenery skipping school :-)

Serge Cornelus

Hi Elizabeth. Sure: rub it in. I'm staring at dark clouds pouring drizzle over the depressed cows in the meadow behind our house... Anyway: enjoy your stay there (meanwhile, I'll secretely hope you have lots of work to do so there isn't too much time to enjoy the surroundings ;-) ).

John Cass

wow, not bad, are you actually doing any work? ;-)

Debbie Weil

Wow - you lucky dog! Hope all is well. We've had torrential rains here in Washington DC for almost a week. Love that sun and the snow and mountains in your photo.

Elizabeth Albrycht

Thanki you all for the nice comments! School was great, and I did get a chance to do some hiking as well as studying. Now my view is back to the parking lot and the construction crew working on re-roofing the building. Not nearly as nice!

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