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October 24, 2003



At least you have an interesting job. i had a hard time understanding half of that!


Analysts suck. Hate dealing with them. They that that their sh*t doesn't stink and that they walk on water.

Jeremy Pepper

First, congratulations to your client for Series B funding.

Never was big on Yankee, but maybe it's because I always giggle and think "Yankee, Go Home" and other bad lines from Red Dawn and other types of war movies.

My personal favorite is IDC, although they are now pusing sales more. Blah. I just want to meet and greet, to at least let the analysts know what my clients are doing in their respective spaces.

But, I digress and the new "web scheduling" system bites, and the only way that they try to book appointments. I stopped working with some firms, unless I have a contact there that I can bypass the systems.

Damn, this is too good a rant for just the comments section. I'm reposting on my blog :-)

James McGovern

It always suprises me that reporters for various industry rags always prefer to quote analysts instead of customers themselves that use the technology. Furthermore, I would think they would be interested in quoting those in the know including book authors on the topics they cover.

I am not only an author but a well-positioned person who works for a prominent Fortune 100 enterprise and figured my phone would be blowing up with people wanting to get quotes. This simply isn't the case.

James Governor

RedMonk is trying to change things. we'd like to talk to you about analysts and how hard it seems to be to talk to them. in light of meta gartner merger things are set to become even harder


Your analyst experience is interesting, have talked to Gartner "vendor relations" police?

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