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October 31, 2003


Heather MacLeish

I major in PR and Economics and minor in marketing... but i hope to go to law school eventually to do corporate or contract law. i actually got into PR because I thought it would help my diplomacy, and my ability to "carefully word" things, so that they portray the "right" message. am i wrong? or are lawyers really "the bane of PR people everywhere"? I hoped that PR would be my jumping off point into the world of corporate level haggling... am i sorely mistaken?

Richard Bailey

Do I find this useful? This saves me hours of teaching, and may save some of my students years by helping them to avoid career mistakes.

Jessica Hall

This is great! I've been told bits and pieces of your list from a variety of sources. It's good to see them altogether. It's also reassuring that I'm getting consistent advice! :-)

Dhruval Doshi

thanks a ton. this really helps.

Parul Madaan

thnk you soo feels satisfied after reading this!!

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