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November 26, 2003



Huh. I was able to automatically create an RSS feed using Blogger Pro, and all you need to do is snag the feed link off my site. I don't think Blogger's the problem; perhaps site proprietors aren't setting up feeds?


Well, the issue isn't Blogger Pro, actually, as I have found out. It is the free version (which most blogs I have run across are running). The free version doesn't create an RSS feed.

Of course, Typepad isn't free either.


And, when I started my Blog I didn't think of those issues, and when I did want to update for comments and trackback options ... Blogger Pro was pulled off the market and Blogger hasn't put the options into the only version left.

Have a good Turkey Day, E.


Google will most likely have the new and improved version of Blogger up and running early next year. Save us all a lot of work.

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