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November 27, 2003


adele geras

Easily one of the most enjoyable writers over the last twenty or so years has been Ruth Rendell. Her Inspector Wexford books, her non- Wexford thrillers and above all the books she has written under the pseudonym of Barbara Vine are in a class of their own. 'Asta's book' should have been on the Booker shortlist for the year it appeared, and 'A dark-adapted eye' is stunning. So is 'The brimstone wedding.' I could go on. The acid test of a TRULY enjoyable book is that you drop whatever you're reading when one comes into your hands somehow. I always read a Rendell/Vine immediately. There are lots and lots of other thriller/ detective writers who deserve consideration as good novelists but she is the tops!

Elizabeth Albrycht

Oops - call that Robert Ludlum, not Robert Mitchum. Thanks Charlie!


A confederacy of dunces!

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