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November 21, 2003


Tom Murphy

Hi Elizabeth,

I commented on this post over at PR Opinions, but thought I should post it here also.

It is amazing there are so few female PR bloggers, but your aside made me smile, because now you know how all us male PR Pros feel :-)


Greg Brooks

It *is* odd that there are so few female PR bloggers when they (females, that is) are so prevalant in personal blogging.

A case in point (worthless, as it's only a single data point, but what the hell): When I started looking for a layout for my weblog, I couldn't find anything in the countless "blog skin" sites that didn't look something like an electronic "flavored coffee moment." Very frustrating at the time -- now just odd.

Of course, there's something to be said for quality over quantity -- your blog, for example, rocks... but I suspect you know that. ;)


Sally Falkow


I have been blogging about PR and technology for almost two years. I have been evangelizing the use of technology to PR folk for five years.

It has been a slow adoption curve, but the recent LA PRSA chapter event drew almost 100 PR professionals. I do see a change.

And the Blog Her conference proves women do blog - lots of them, and about all sort of things. So let's get the PR women blogging.



So what are we talking in here? copetetion between men and women in blogging huh?

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