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April 19, 2004


paul s

Outsourcing is a cancer that has been taken too far by nearly all segments of the US corporate landscape. They have sown the wind, they will reap the whirlwind. Workers are scared, anxious, and fed up. They are overworked and pissed off. Outsourced work is *not* 100% of the quality of the work done here. This is just like the internet bubble where comanies said 'this changes everything' - 'we don't have to pay high us salaries' was a good try. The dems will raise taxes and impose all kinds of business regulations and restrictions, as well as repeal the tax cuts. this may be a good or bad thing, but it will happen if kerry gets elected. this will be like a ramrod up the butt of us companies thinking they can outsource all the work and leave us workers out of work. the backlash is starting to arrive, it is real, and some companies are going to hurt - bad. serves them right. what a bunch of word barf.


I read your blog on outsourcing. I have found it quite informative, interested and also helpful in sharing knowledge resources.

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