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May 12, 2004


Stuart Bruce

Andy Green's book Creativity in PR is a worthwhile read for any PR practitioner interested in this subject.

Trevor Cook

I went to a great discussion on Thursday night which I'll post about just as soon as my paid workload settles down (and I get over the excitement of buying my first iPod!) on creativity in business hosted by Boss magazine ,part of the Australian Financial Review, but let me note some key takehomes for me:
1. Creativity is essential - without good ideas its hard to be and stay competitive
2. Creativity is about thinking, its about good solid thinking (ie being strategic) but also about new ways of doing things and of being fresh. You need both - many clients want creativity without strategy in my experience and they just end up with a random assortment of silly ideas.
3. We should all allocate ourselves creative time and we should force ourselves to come up with a few ideas for each client each week - creativity is work it is not about being clever or 'out-there'.
4. Most ideas are ridiculous - you have to have a lot of bad ideas to get one good one. But that one good one can change everything.
5. Learn how to sift good ideas from bad ones, that comes with experience. Sometimes experienced people winnow out ideas to early - appearing to be creative with your clients may take no more than revealing your thought processes to them a bit more. List ten ideas and explain why nine of them suck and this one is terrific.
6. Implement - an idea is useless if it stays in your head.
7. Learn and change constantly - older people sometimes look less creative because they are less open to new things, they get with the old 'this worked last time, so that's what we're doing this time' attitude, and that looks very uncreative
It was a great night - very inspiring I must say. One thing I thought later was that we PR people often think we're less creative than ad people etc but everytime we come up with an interesting story angle, or a great lead, or we match up just the right story with just the right journo at just the right moment in the ongoing narrative - boy that is powerful creativity.
Though I've had some awful battles with clients and ad people who want to market to media people by using beautifully designed releases on different paper and in different formats. This is just stupid because it misunderstands the audience, you know all this stuff.
In sum. Embrace creativity, or die is the message. But also let's not be reticent in asserting to our clients that what we do is intrinsically creative and that we are some of the most creative people in the business world.


Please, I will be grateful if the exact measuring parameters for creativity can be outlined, especially in the practical oriented tasks like Fine arts, music and drama.


I am basically a researcher and interested in taking up new assignment in the field of creativity measurement . Can you please let me know some of the techniques and related parameters
I shall be obliged please.

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