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June 24, 2004


Rizzn Do'Urden

I completely agree on this.

Take for instance a girl that works for my company. She works in a data processing department, and she was suspected of fostering, if not creating, a hostile workplace for our receptionist... a common situation when you have a number of immature women working in the same environment.

We fired her due to a number of complaints and observations made by our own staff. This seriously demoralized our staff, and when the hostile environment continued, we noticed that it she was not the source of it, and we fired the guilty party.

We then hired the first girl back when we realized our error, but obviously her morale (and sense of job security) was at an all time low, yet she's more productive now than she has ever been, as is the rest of the staff (with the knowlege that there is levels of productivity and hostility we will not tolerate).


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