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June 09, 2004


Pete Shinbach

Consumers Union has a website, Cell Phone Hell, that enables people to write to the FCC about this issue. You can guess from the site's name what Consumers Union thinks about unlocking cell phones. The site's at


it is really bad if you can not use phones brought in from around the world in Africa.
It about time thesen cell phone manufactureres see Africa as a potential place to make business.
A businesses buy phones to be used in Africa, and you later discover it can not be used, due to this locking business.
I hope their consider Africa's in manufacture=ing of cell phones.


Wireless carriers should have their phones unlocked automatically after a few months of service. That way they have made some money on the service. But they dont do that. I got my phone unlocked from So forget you AT&T.


Be careful when dealing with I had a bad experinece with them when I ordered a Treo 650 from them. I did get the phone and it does work but months later still no manual or software and now no replies to my emails other than the automated we got it. Phone calls only get stories about it being shipped, going to ship, or jsut being packed and months later still no manual, no software, and no replies. Negative experience deling with


Mr. Lance did purchase a Brand New Treo 650, and yes it is true that the manual and cd were not in the package. So, as soon as i found out i sent the manual and cd "sealed" and sent it via Canada Post using regular mail. He then tells me that he never got it. Fine, I went and sent him another one the same way. Again he says he did not get it. So now i am confused! I send items using Canada post all the time, and out of 100 shipments maybe 1 or 2 would get lost. Then i contact him letting him know that if he could pay for FedEx shipping and of course he tells me no way. After losing 2 (atleast as he states) manual's and CD's i feel that i am getting ripped off. These are really hard to come by.

Mr. Lance its a few bucks we can split the costs and it will be there 100% FedEx overnight with Signature. There would be no way they could lose it and if they did $100 would come our way.

So lets be fair for both parties.


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