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September 17, 2004



There was an article on a technology blog - argh, I read so many, I don't remember which (probably Scoble, though) - that noted that they only add servers when they get too taxed. A slow building process.

So, not surprised you're having problems.

Adnan Khan

I am having problems logging on to Gmail. A message saying "Loading..." comes and everything comes to a standstill. Can anyone guide me???


What the heck is wrong with gmail. As soon as i get in it keeps reloading. It reloads so fast I cant even get into one email. I hope this problem is fixed soon. It has been ongoing for 5 days now. If this is not a gmail prob can someone advise me what to do. I have cancelled all my other email accounts since finding gmail so good to use. thank you..Shaz


Can someone please tell me where i can go to get help with this gmail. it was working great till a couple days ago, now it just keeps reloading. My ebay email is Can someone please email me there I need help
Thanks Shaz


I am having problems logging on to Gmail. A message saying "Loading..." comes and everything comes to a standstill. Can anyone guide me???

This happens cause you enable the popup killer.. pls remove or disable any popup killer!


Is there any other way we can access our g-mail accounts because I have been trying for a week now and there are important messages in my mailbox


hi i got a gmail acct and it worked good for a couple of weeks, then i wasnt able to log in something like unable to comply or something like that. now i cant even display the home page i get a dns error

A. Ferral

I have also been experiencing problems with Gmail since about 3/14/05. I wonder if there is any other way to access it, as I'm sure I have messages waiting in there!! Does anyone know when their system will be back online??

vijay jain

sir,when i try to open my gmail,it says :the connection to has terminated unexpectedly.some data may have been transferred.


did any one install a search bar called AZE search bar. before you had the problem of " the connection to has terminated unexpectedly.some data may have been transferred"

I started having problems after that.


"The connection to has terminated unexpectedly. Some data may have been transferred."

thats the message i got

and i did install the aze search bar by mistake, I uninstaled it though and ran norton, my gmail just keeps on showing that message. and also, google doesn't seem to want to search for me, all i get for anything is a bunch of online stores


ps. every link at leads to this (everything inside the quotations) ""
and when i search, the only address i see is ""


I also got the problem of aze bar on my Win2K. I cannot find the way to uninstall it. What should I do? Thanks.


I am also facing the G mail access problem. I get "The page cannot be displayed" message. HELP!


I was not able to open the page. I was getting "the connection to has terminated unexpectedly.some data may have been transferred" error. It was because of the spyware on my system. Then I installed microsoft's antispyware and scan my computer and removed the spyware from it. Then I reboot my system and everything went fine after that. I could open gmail. You can download microsoft antispyware from the link below:


I have been unable to access my account for three days now. Frustrating.


I was having the problems with gmail where the page is white with black lettering "Loading" in top left. Looked in GMAIL help pages at "I'm outside of the US. Why can't I access Gmail? ". I'm in Canada, so this is the first place I thought to look. Anyway, they give a link to try gmail from, and it worked for me. Maybe it would work for those of you with this problem, even if you are in US.

Anoop sethi

i am having a strange problem with gmail- it seems to have got into habbit of loading and then A killing silene on the screen. CAN SOMEONE SUGGEST ME A SOLUTION SO THAT I CAN RESUME MY WORK AGAIN WITH G MAIL.

Anoop Sethi


go to TOOLS



I used the linked posted by our northern friend and it worked, has to be a DNS and/or server issue here in the US


Me too facing the same problem , but the soluion above wont work (clearing cookies and cache files ) if anyone can help me

thnks in advance


I had the problem where it just says loading and never actually finishes loading (refreshes the page approx every 1 second). To solve this I did the following:

Tools > Internet Options > 'Delete Cookies' & 'Delete Files'

Then typed in and it loaded. However, when i tried to sign in and checked the 'remember password' checkbox then it did exactly the same thing! (Loading...etc). Therefore I repeated the steps above and didn't check the 'remember password' checkbox and it seems to be working fine now.

Hope this helps some of you.


I have encountered the "Loading..." error. The link given above on October 20 solved the problem immediately. I thank you all for participating and assisting me with this issue.

I am in Australia.

S B Pandit

It's been three days since i was trying to access gmail. i'm sure that i've new messages in my inbox. i thought it was better than Yahoo but i don't know... it's really irritating. they must've taken care of this before as they very well know the problems that arise when they add new users.. i always thought that Google is much more responsible than Yahoo, even now i do so, coz i don't want to judge them for a single instance.. but if this continues indefinetely then i may change my stance..

S B Pandit

The link posted by David really works....

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