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September 21, 2004



for the past two days i was experiencing some problems with the GMAIL because i was trying to send some mail to a consultancy having a gmail id from my yahoo id but immediately after i send the mail i get an undelivered notification from GMAIL as shown below.

not able to deliver the message to the following receipent


I am not able to send mails to this address but i received a mail from this address.... Even I use a gmail I.D..
what am I supposed to..


People, I dont think this consultancy is on the level. Dunno why, but it seems to have a foreboding feeling about it. I've seen many a headhunter try to reach out to talent online, but none in a way such as this. This one gives out close to no information about itself or its clientele.

And the good ones mostly mail you from their own domains (although it doesnt take much to register your own domain nowadays)

P.S. Why're we talkin of this on this forum? :)


I received an email from, but i when i tred to reply, it failed.
I believe its either a spam email, or a fake agency trying to lure innocent people.


i received one mail from

i tried two weeks its no use failure notice whats the problem

plzzz give me feed back

Heidi Pearl

Hello everyone having issues with, who claims to be the IT recruiters for US.Even Im one of their victims,just like you. Now, the same email came again, from another email address called I tried replying and it was all the same. I have reasons to say that, they are only spam. Since it claims that it saw my resume through, i believe that they( are the right people to complain to, and and NOT THIS FORUM. So,instead of cracking your brains over such unnecessary emails, better get back to your work, and let do its job. Cheers!!


Will somebody please help an ill-informed, PC-illiterate female, who doesn't understand technical jargon yet - how to gain access to my GMail account??? I've followed on-screen instructions, from going to "Tools" through to "O.K.", and still I can't get anything. I need this facility urgently - but can't find anyone to help me. The problem's made worse by not understanding even what a browser is!!! Not been doing this very long, & I'm so fed up with the problem!

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