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September 30, 2004


Neville Hobson

Very good points, Elizabeth, on message framework.

That's the parallel key thing, in my view. But developing a message framework must be done far more quickly than before. There is no time to take weeks. Even if you don't have all the elements fully planned or factored, you have to move with what you have.

This really is the time when communicators must show their strategic value. CEOs don't want perfection. They want business results, quickly.

Daniel Taylor

It's easy to mistake technical understanding of collaborative communications tools for an underlying comprehension of marketing and communications processes, especially in light of the new tools that are available.

There is a savior-faire that the vast majority of business managers do not have when it comes to marketing and communications. They can intellectualize the process. They can discuss messages and technologies. Perhaps they have even been through the process a couple of times. But with today's new communications tools (blog, wiki, etc.), there are a rare few who have the "gut feeling" that comes from the experience of having done it before many times.

Having spent my career as both an industry analyst and as a business manager, I feel that I understand traditional media fairly well. There's a snowball effect that comes from being in the press and getting quoted. I have spent hundreds of hours of my life being interviewed by reporters, and article placements were once the bread-and-butter of my research and consulting business.

Still, I was not prepared for how a weblog would change things. I could intellectualize the concept of a weblog, but I could never have anticipated what it would be like in day-to-day operation.

Having a message framework is the one thing that helps me to manage my weblog content and postings more effectively. Even with a message framework, it has taken me about two months of constant posting to find the tone that works best. Unlike article placements and quotes, the weblog provides me with immediate feedback on whether my topic is interesting or not -- and this is something I find out almost immediately. Most importantly, the message framework enables someone else (Elizabeth, in my case) to manage the overall communications strategy with a clean hand off and easy coordination.

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