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October 21, 2004


david parmet

Any plans for New York or the New York area? Or even the East Coast of the US?

Elizabeth Albrycht

Right now, we are focusing on the events in Napa and Paris, but, given the response we get to them, we would certainly consider taking the forum to other locations. The East Coast is an obvious one!

Mike Manuel

Great idea, looking forward to hearing more...

Michael O'Connor Clarke

Excellent idea, Elizabeth and Guillaume. I look forward to hearing more.

Oh - and can I nominate me? I've spoken on the role of PR in the blogosphere before, here:

I've something in similar vein up my own sleeve too. Not a conference -- nothing that will compete with your plans, don't worry -- But a new project that will touch on some of the same points of interest.

More news on that very, very soon...

Matthew Podboy

Thank you both for taking on this project. You've been an active proponent of online communication and have always pulled other PR folks into the mix. You are leading by example and it's great to see.


Thank you all for you nice comments!

Michael - thanks for wanting to participate. I am intrigued by your new project! Guillaume and I plan on looking at the new round of people who are nominating themselves next week and we'll be making decisions then.

There are far more awesome PR/marketing bloggers than speaking spots available. While I am thrilled to be able to say that, we simply cannot accomodate everyone. However, even if you aren't chosen for speaking, we'd love to have you there! There will be lots of audience participation and learning from each other, as well as from the instructors.

Kevin Dugan

Great job Elizabeth, particularly the global focus. One could argue you should gather speakers for each one and then literally switch the programs, send France to California and vice versa, to really get a good international feel.

Sure, too expensive to do, but a global and local perspective will surely set your event apart.

I look foward to reading the event blog! And I nominate myself for any virutal assistance I can provide (he notes with no $ for travel).

Have a great weekend.

Greg Jarboe

Your timing is perfect, Elizabeth. A growing number of our larger corporate clients are starting to ask about corporate blogs, RSS feeds, and news search. They want to take advantage of these opportunities, but they are also worried about taking on additional risks. I'll urge them to attend your conference -- which I intend to attend as well.


Thank you so much! We will have information up on how to register in the next few days.

Kathleen Buczko

Looking forward to attending -- the challenge will be in getting non-communicators in organizations to recognize blogging as a medium. Except for a notable few, I've had CEOs tell me that it's like the CB radio craze of the 70s....and yet they still have jobs...

Mary Ellen

Sign me up!

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