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October 21, 2004


Atul Agarwal

I dont envy Edelman - the company they have aligned with has a fairly checkered history. After over 15 years of partnership, Burson-Marsteller split from them a couple of years ago.

On the outsourcing front - stuff like research might go there, but more as a subset of the larger research work already beginning to be outsourced rather than anything specific to the PR industry. Like other service industries, PR in India has also transformed rapidly over the last 15 years. However, its still largely a media relations game, and the vast vernacular press adds to the complexities. There is also a discernible lack of professionally trained or experienced PR professionals. I am unable to fathom how anything significant could be outsourced to India. Even if US/European PR firms set-up offices there and shift their internal back-office work, such as database management, to their Indian offices, most of the work will remain where the clients are. Moreover, I feel that the primary objective of firms setting up shop in India is to get some business.


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Raghu Subramaniam

by the way

Does outsourcing PR jobs really work?

Arunabho Khan

"India market is heating up" and "let's outsource PR work to India" are fine but one must do something to make Indian PR agencies better. The sorry state of Indian PR business would make you cry. Be it quality of people, service or process, we have, probably, the worst PR agency in the world. Let us know what can be done!

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