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October 05, 2004


Robb Hecht

Seems like you're on to something here in India. I'll let you know of any other links about PR in India.

saurabh tripathi

how pr department is formed in an organization?
how pr department is organized in an organization?
what functions does pr department in an organization?
what is the main phylosophy behind making a pr department?


Aakriti Bhargava


I am a student of PR in India, and I am currently studying how the practise would develop with respect to Law firms.
please give me your views on the same


Hi I am working with A pr firm in India and Im looking at studying the future anmd importance of Pr in India and How there is a fall in advertising.It would be great if you could help me out..thanks

J S Sai

I am surprised to read that “the state of PR in India is fairly pathetic”.

The PR industry in India is on the threshold of radical change, thanks to the boom in the last couple of years. ‘Knowledge’, ‘research’, ‘strategy’, ‘processes’, ‘systems’, ‘evaluation methods’ are the new buzzwords… Interviews of India’s PR professionals, featured by portals like exchange4media and prdomain, portray this emerging trend…

I work as Associate Director with Adfactors Public Relations, and my blog focuses on public relations. It would be my privilege to be in touch with you.

Account Deleted

PR in INDIA has evolved over last decade or so and can be classified as faily mature market with some very senior experts available.

You can also look at, which is a members only service through which any organization can get access to do media outreach, editorial services or simply get expert advice with a network of 150 cities, making it the biggest network in any single country worldwide

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