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November 18, 2004


occult investigator

hi. no, im not out to debunk anything. im just curious about how it all works, and what kinds of techniques people are using in the PR business in relationship to blogs. specifically, i am looking for a way to adapt PR techniques to work on a much smaller scale, to do things like promote blogs and independent artists.

one of the big gaps i see online is that a company might be able to sell you a link farm to fake a higher google pagerank, but i havent actually seen anybody selling actual written content about your product, dispersed over many sites and points of view.

have you heard of anything like this? thanks for your interest, by the way

Daniel Taylor

An important consideration here is cost. What's the cost of having five FTEs from a PR firm blogging nonstop? My guess is that it wouldn't be cheap.

That said, cost should weigh against benefit. What's the benefit of having this coordinated activity within the blogosphere? and what kinds of results would be attainable? How would these results compare to other forms of media (advertising, web, search engines, etc.)?

In the past several years, PR has been making a pretty strong pitch against traditional advertising -- that PR can be more cost-effective. I'd be interested if there were a pitch for PR war-blogging and exactly with whom the PR war-blogger would be competing.

Just because it's possible, doesn't mean that companies are going to pay for it.

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