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December 01, 2004



I don't know if we're quite yet at the point where someone would read a wineblog and trust it more than Wine Spectator - at least not yet for the great unwashed.

Maybe in some markets though, like consumer electronics where I think those in 'the know' might go to Gizmodo before Uncle Walt Mossberg.

Charles Lunan

What about people doing research for purchasing business services and products? Do you think they are as inclined as consumers to resort to blogs for word of mouth? Have industry-specific blogs emerged in any significant way? For instance, is there any indication a manager tasked to do a cost/benefit analysis on outsourcing billing operations is using professional blogs vs. trades?


Charles - these are all very good questions. In the B2B market, I think today there is rather slow uptake on blogs vs. the consumer space. There are some exceptions, such as if you are interested in social networking tools and services, there are a variety of blogs dedicated to exploring the matter, and the information you will get on them is much more sophisticated and up-to-date than what you will normally find in the trade press.

When it comes to outsourcing billing operations, I am unsure if there is any blog dedicated to that. I can point to a blog of a client of mine as an example of an industry-specific blog that is seeking to become a reputable infomation source: the Mobile Enterprise Alliance ( There you will find good information if you are seeking information or leads on what is happening in enterprise mobility.

I think you will see many more industry and product-specific blogs popping up in the next year. Some of them will surely emerge as important information sources and people may be more inclined to make decision s based on their content alone.

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