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December 02, 2004


Charles Lunan

Where do you suggest I read up on the use of communications to change corporate culture and engineering corporate culture in general?


I'd suggest reading Neville Hobson's blog: NevOn (see sidebar), Shel Holtz's blog: a Shel of my former self (see sidebar), and the others as well. I'd also check out the New PR wiki (

I'd suggest also that you read the Cluetrain Manifesto.

Ray Daly

Interesting research. Don't know how much I could contribute.

You stated that "McLuhan was a technological determinist at heart" and I too thought so. But time and again McLuhan argues that he is not. I think his belief was that by understanding our technology that we could avoid being ruled by it.

Personally, I'm interested in working with McLuhan's tetrads and Laws of Media. Trying to work on an internet community using hyperlinked tetrads.

Robin Stavisky

Hi Elizabeth,
I really enjoy your site and the questions you raise. In my experience, the "new model" is really an integration of old and new approaches. Successful companies don’t simply throw out the old in favor of the new, but rather integrate them into their total marketing mix.

The same applies to marketing tools and practices. Traditional techniques, such as advertising, PR, and direct mail, have not been replaced, but they sure have been impacted. I've written in more length on the subject in a recent post on my own site under Convergence Marketing and would welcome the opportunity to write more on the subject in January.

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