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January 20, 2005



Hey, that’s a great “I’m glad you asked that question” answer. Bloggers became part of this story when word about the two paid Dean bloggers mysteriously appeared after the Armstrong Williams revaluations, that’s PR at work, isn’t it?

Elizabeth Albrycht

This is looking like a damned-if-you-do damned-if-you-don't style scenario developing.

Did I suspect that Jay was trying to drive a news agenda with his post? Of course. Now, if he so chooses (and he's cynical enough), he can congratulate himself on affecting the news cycle.

But, that doesn't discount the fact that the issues involved with the Ketchum affair are real ones that demand attention. In normal days, I probably would have paid much more attention to it, but I simply didn't have the time around Jan. 9. I chose to take the time today to address it, clearly feeling the pressure of the "incestuous blogosphere," but also because I thought there was a valid reason to address it.

So, now you know I didn't approach this like some wide-eyed, naive Bambi and I refused in my post above to get into a cynical circular discussion.

I think cynicism is a major waste of time and energy, not to mention dull and predictable as hell. Enough already.

Trevor Cook

Cynicism, as the saying goes, masks a failure to cope

Trevor Cook

And, of course, Jay was pushing an agenda. He wants change, he's using the medium to do it. I find that unremarkable, I can't think why PR Fuel is so grumpy about it.


PR fuel can go get bent as far as I'm concerned.

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