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March 17, 2005


Scott Baradell

These are useful. Thanks.

Sally Falkow

Excellent tips Elizabeth.

Some companies don't yet have a media room they can upload content into themselves. The ability to upoad content breaks the IT dependence. And IT breaths a sigh of relief too.

Adding press releases to your website is just good strategy - putting them into an RSS feed the next smart move.

While there are many RSS feed services, not many of them combine the ability to upload the content to a page on your website first - and then syndicate with it in RSS.


Christer Osterling

Great article Elizabeth

I honestly just discovered RSS and have installed into a one our medical association clients blog...your tips were perfect and especially timely as we explore ways to add this to more features on the site.

Rodolp s

These are very interesting tips. I would just add that the syndication of RSS feeds on another site or blog is not easy for non techie guys. If you publish RSS feeds you could make them available for syndication - ie let others display your news headlines on their own site or blog - by using StepWebz provides you with a simple RSS syndication button to add on your blog.


I have developed a simple concept for increasing exposure and interest in RSS. It allows organization to setup a scavenger hunt that requires people to read the organization's RSS feeds. This of course increases exposure of RSS and also of the organization's content. I am looking for organization to help me test out this new concept. If your organization is interested you can start a game by visiting the following website.

Survey Software

Love this post. Just when I think I have found all the research I need for a successful corporate blog I find another great post. Our blog has various RSS feeds, but I have not thought about the other uses. Thanks!

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