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April 07, 2005


Pat Hejny

Just got introduced to your blog this morning and have added it to my Favorites list. You are in the age range of my grandchildren and it is for all of you that I have tried to be active. I hope you will check out my Pat Political blog to see what is bothering me for all of you. I like your present reading list. Have you also read Merlin Stone's When God Was a Woman which is very much an alternate history and explains very well why women have been so denigated in recent years. And Descent of Woman (Elaine Morgan?) gives some real meaning to an alternate theory of our evolution. On, the Pat's Page button, is an expansion of this alternate theory, which you might find interesting. Don't get too drowned out in our Puritan work ethic which still exists mainly for the benefit of corporate higher-ups and tells us that work is our life. We need to come around to what has been the European approach, that work is to help us live...Good luck with your projects and keep blogging when you can....

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