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May 13, 2005




We've been doing research on the crediblity of blogs and online users seem to consider blogs they perceive as having lots of in-bound links as much more credible than blogs that do not have a lot of links. They also think blogs that have a lot of traffic (again by their perception) are more credible.

Our work leads me to think the advice in your post is spot on.



Steve asked a question about which was the better strategy: monitoring the 3rd parties, or running an outward-facing blog?

Why the either-or?

Silently monitoring and not contributing in certain areas allows you to see what's being said and written in an unfiltered environment. Done correctly, this monitoring will bring in almost real-time information about how your reputation, your customer service, and your messaging.

While you won't get that level of honesty on your own corporate-out blog, you will get a chance at developing feedback, and going a level or two deeper into the trends and issues that arise.

There's a good chance you'll encounter a lot of the same people in both -- but you need to keep the efforts separated: It's not often you get to use the same subjects as both the experiment and the control.

Chuck McKay

If you do find the reference to three exposures before reading a blog, will you please post it? Thanks.

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