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May 09, 2005


Daniel Von Fange

Nope, you can't prevent it.

They have not actually hijacked your account, but rather put your email address in the "from" line of the spam emails. (It's as if you wrote someone else's name on the return address of a letter you were sending through the postal system)

Allan Jenkins

They've hijacked in the sense that Elizabeth can pretty much give up using that addy unless she's writing people whose spam filter (and whose corporate and ISP spam filter) still trust the address.

Spammers are thieves of time, reputation, and bandwidth. I'd be happy to jail them all, but since it's an international problem, it'd be nice to see some joint WTO action on this.

Francois Gossieaux

This happened to me too. I had to close down the account. There are places to report it, but that does not help you in the short term.


I dont know how this happens - but I just got a gmail account - if you want one, feel free to email me, they seem to prevent spam very well. I have had very little - maybe one or two a week. and no - this post is not spam ;)


Thanks for all of your comments. Barbera - I do have a gmail address and love it. It is where I do most of my business these days. The account the spammers are using is an older one.

It drives me bananas that there is nothing I can do about this. Damn thieves.


Beat them at their own game.

I have an account that I use as my primary. I have "shell" accounts that I use publicly.

This isn't that hard to set up.

Just change your "Reply to" line in your options to the shell account, then forward it on to your real one.

In my case, there are several accounts I use at


All of them are set to forward to my gmail account, so I can check them at a single login from anywhere, and the filters automatically label them accordingly.

In your gmail settings, change the 'Reply To' address to the one you want public: maybe it's ealb @

Most people never check beyond the Reply line, and if your account ever gets toasted by a spam-scam, you can easily change it out without losing your address book and message history.

If it's your gmail that gets toasted, then invite yourself to open a new account, and all you are changing is the back end of the transfer. People who e-mail back to the ampcomm account will still get you, and most will never know the difference.

Now you are using the same technique as the hijackers to make your life more hijack-resistant.


I just went to send email and my complete email list is gone..I have nothing in my address book. What could have happened and what can I do?...someone hijacked all my addresses..I mean total list....and its on my primary me please


Ike, does yahoo, have the same thing or do i have to set up a gmail account .


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