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May 16, 2005



I'm reading your blog in Tokyo as one of corporate communicators.

The incident of Newsweek's Qur'an abuse story also reached to here. And I looked at website of them and also Washington Post Company's one. Surprisingly, there is no excuse or official statement about that.
Don't you think they have resposiblity to release what is the fact and what they should do next or shoudn't?
Viewed in PR lights, what do you say about their attitude?
Do they consider lawsuit or something?


It is almost impossible for large media now to publish the "news" - would anyone have believed Abu-Gharaib but for the pictures? I do not mean to say that 'Quran was desecrated' but what appears to be a fact to all the Muslims in the world is that US military will do any kind of torture! And US does nothing to counter that feeling.


Mina - Thanks for reading. I linked to the one statement from the editor of Newsweek in the post above. They don't highlight it in any special way, but in the top right-hand box titled "On Newsstands Now" the statement is the second link down. The story behind the story is the first link (as of now): It is called, "How a Fire Broke Out."

Interesting how Newsweek is using the passive voice here - a big no-no according to any journalism course. Of course, writing it any other way would imply some kind of responsibility, which they are trying to avoid as much as possible. The last paragraph of that explanation reflects that same non-stance: "But Westerners, including those at NEWSWEEK, may underestimate how severely Muslims resent the American presence, especially when it in any way interferes with Islamic religious faith."

Note the "may underestimate"...[hand hitting forehead] Oh, you think? Sigh.

All of these statements have "lawyer" written all over them, which is, of course, unavoidable in the US in this day and age (at least for organizations with a true lack of courage to do the right thing).


I'm surprised Newsweek actually spelled Qur'an correctly. At least that level of accuracy we can still count on from this "leading" news source.


There's nothing behind that link now. At least not through my browser.


They keep changing the link. I have added the latest one above.

Alice Marshall

I am withholding judgment on this one. I have seen some reports that the rioting started before the publication of the Newsweek story.

It is at least possible the the administration is engaging in a classic PR diversionary tactic.

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