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June 27, 2005



Bravo. Way too many people saying way too many over-said things. You said it well.


Love the rant! I feel the same way on the HR side and have just decided to do the same thing - comment on posts or ignore the same old posts that add no value or don't take learning to the next level.

Usher Lieberman

I'd personally like to get into a dissection of the tools, but by tools I mean blogging tools. Let's face it, most of us PR types are not techies (I'm a geek, but I think I'm in the minority...) and the truth is that the tools available for blogging, publicizing blogs, tracking blogs, and everything else we need in corporate communications as it relates to the blogosphere is woefully inadequate. If blogging is to become core to the PR job function (I believe it is, but that's all I'll say) we simply need better tools to stay abreast of an inherently moving target.


Re: There are way too many important things for us to be writing about then endless permutations of "[insert profession/practice] is dead.

than than than than than than . . .

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