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July 28, 2005



I would like to inform you that the 2nd International Conference on Public Relations in ‎Iran will be held on 15-16 November 2005 in Tehran at the International Conference ‎of Iran. ‎
As far as we know, you are a top professional in public relations and since you are ‎unable to participate at the conference, we will be grateful if you answer the following ‎questions in the form of a recorded film on CD.‎
‎1.‎ What is cyber PR?‎
‎2.‎ What is the relationship between PR and information society?‎
‎3.‎ Is there any mutual relationship between cyber PR and civil society?‎
‎4.‎ What is the impact of cyber PR on the concept of freedom of expression?‎
‎5.‎ How will be the future of PR web logs against cyber PR?‎
We hope that by your cooperation we could be able to hold a successful ‎conference in Iran.‎
Thank you in advance and with best regards.‎

Web Site:
E_Mail:[email protected]
‎ ‎

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