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July 13, 2005


Norm Morneau


Thanks for conducting the teleseminar today. It was very helpful to hear an expert break down all this new technology. I look forward to seeing your OPML list. Thanks again!

Best regards,

John Melby

Thanks, Elizabeth, for the teleseminar info. Question: Have you seen an extranet application where customers post comments on product quality? My work situation has a bunch of engineers building complex stuff and most do not feel, see, touch a live customer. As an employee communicator, I'm looking for ways to better connect employees to customers. Thanks!

Elizabeth Albrycht

There is a list of product blogs, which include some that have customer comments here:

Of interest in particular is the eBay Developers Program (which doesn't have comments, but gives an email for them) and the Official QuickBooks Online Blog: and the SAP Developers Network blogs:

If any of you know of others, please add them here!

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