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December 21, 2005


Philip Young

Have a good time, Elizabeth!

Stephen Davies

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Sam Smith

Enjoy the Break Elizabeth. Merry whatever and I look forward to reading rejuvenated posts in the new year

Ashley Bowers

Have a great vacation a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Elizabeth!

Serge Cornelus

What can I say the others haven't before? Btw: do all these comments prove that the simpler the post, the more numerous the comments? Are we, the readers of your blog, simple souls? But hey: weren't that the ones to one day possess the kingdom of heaven? That's right: I'm completely into the Xmas spirit already... Okay, enough BS. From me as well: a sincere merry Xmas and dito new year. Enjoy the holiday!

Mark Turok

Take care of yourself Elizabeth. We'll look forward to your posts again next year.

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