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December 08, 2005




It's one thing to "have a human face" and keep it "real," but dropping f-bombs and calling people profanities is simply unprofessional, under any circumstances -- is it not??

Obviously, we all make mistakes -- but you're saying that this wasn't a mistake. Is this the counsel you give your clients before they make a presentation -- drop the f-bomb if that's how you really feel?

Will such outbursts help Six Apart attract investors? Strategic partners? Customers? I don't get where you're coming from.

Jeremy Pepper

While I do like to swear - and believe I take it to a new level - I have never sworn in a business situation like that, calling out someone as an asshole or dropping an F bomb.

I learned at Shandwick that you are always on - no matter what. That if you are representing a company, you have no personal time, you don't get to drink too much, that you are always the company representative. And, with the cult of Trott and 6A, that's even truer.

If blogs are civil or not is such a non-issue, if the person herself can't be civil to others. Don't believe your own hype is the most important thing in PR, and it appears that some forgot about that. I have seen blogs and bloggers that seem to forget that golden rule, and are crude, crass and embarassing on their own blogs ... and they don't work for themselves. I expect more of this not less.

shel Israel


Viva votre hysteria, if you'll pardon my French.

Elizabeth Albrycht

Riiiight. I would definitely advise my clients to swear if they feel like it [sarcasm here for those literally minded people out there]. Give me a break. Of course company representatives should act professionally. But Mena isn't the first to lose it nor will she be the last. My point is to keep it in perspective. There seems to be some witch hunting going on here...


OK, so you do believe it was a mistake, then. That's all I wanted to clarify. Thanks, Elizabeth.

Jeremy Pepper

LOL - thanks Elizabeth. I knew we were kindred spirits. My point is witch hunts begin for a reason, and sometimes things come back to bite you in the, well, ass. Is there jealousy? Likely. But, is there more here? Likely.

None of us know the back stories, or why there is a lashback against 6A and the Trotts. I have my theories, though.

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