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January 12, 2006


Katie Irwin

I do agree with you. Although the technology does exist to make it easier for corporations to directly communicate with their audiences, it doesn't mean that is what should be done. That is what PR practitioners are for. It is not that management or other corporate employees are incapable of successful communication with their audience through direct communication channels, I just believe that it is always a smart idea to have a knowledgeable person go over the information for accuracy and to make sure that the appropriate message is being conveyed.

PR departments exist for that very reason. They do not become less useful as technology makes the target audience more available. New media channels make it especially necessary for messages to be continually proofed before release. This not only ensures that the corporate objectives are being transmitted, but that each message delivered through each channel is in harmony with all the goals of the company.

I hope that corporations make an attempt to reach out more to their most important audiences, I just hope that they are wise enough to seek help in doing so.

Christina Brasher

We all know that PR is a relatively young profession. It is young as an identified profession "starting" in the early 1900's, but we know that there was PR going on years before that. Companies strive to know their publics better. Without satisfying the publics, most companies would cease to exist. There is a great deal in not only identifying who a company wishes to reach, but also the best way to reach them.
Blogging is a relatively new concept. It is a fascinating way for strangers to exchange ideas with ease. The very idea that a consumer can speak his/her mind with the hope that someone will not only read it but respond back is revolutionary. Managers have picked up on this idea. PR people are able to play a wonderful role as mediator in its fullest sense. I am taught that a PR person can be a representative for a company and that they will be the eyes and ears for upper management. Those in upper management are no fool. They know that for a company to strive they need to please the public and make sure they keep coming back. For companies to use a forum such as blogging to let their audiences be heard is the next step toward more fruitful business practices.
PR professionals can utilize these resources to help themselves be better advisors for upper management. They can set up a blog for their company and keep watch over it. They will find out what their publics desire, what would keep them happy and things they can improve on. The PR professional will then inform those in management about their findings and but their best practices forward. Blogging is definitely taking PR to a completely new level and I am proud to be on the ground-breaking level.


I agree that with the ever-changing face of technology PR firms, and any company for that matter, should take advantage of new media outlets at their disposal. The Internet has become a habit and access to the Internet is a daily ritual for millions upon millions of Americans. So why wouldn't a PR practitioner use this tool to access some of their publics? It sounds like a great idea to me.

Blogging is a new concept that has been sweeping the Internet over the past few years. For example, in one of my classes my professor asked how many of the students in the class had blogged before. Majority of the class raised there hand and some even commented that they had their own blogs. Blogging creates a place for people to share their opinions, ideas, interests and concerns. It seems to me no surprise that a lot of PR practitioners and companies are looking to other media outlets such as blogging to reach their publics.

I believe word-of-mouth is priceless, and blogging creates a way for millions of people to pass information and relay information. Blogging is word-of-mouth although, technically no one is using their mouth, blogging creates a way for companies publics to communicate to others.

In response to Edelman's post, I agree with the first point he makes. As I mentioned above, blogging and the Internet are wonderful outlets. I agree with Edelman that they should not be the sole outlet involved. Accomodating to all a companies' publics should be a major responsibilty that it strives for. Offering information through blogging is a major benefit, but I believe that other media outlets should disseminate the same information to make sure that majority of the publics are addressed. Relying on one sole media outlet is risky. It creates only one way to access information that loyal consumers may not see, and, I believe, a successful company will use all means possible to reach its publics.

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