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January 26, 2006


Kare Anderson

See you at the forum & I'll mention ti to the 38,000 in our Say it Better ezine ( a newbie blogger ( and really benefited from what I have already read.
You write in an engaging, pithy way.

Also, consider offering a seminars to the associations of professional women (CREW + those in real estate, for example).

From women in foodservice to those in accounting, we all could benefit from it... and the asn. co sponsor it as a benefit for members. If you want to discuss how, be happy to help

... another fan (SmartPartnering author)
- Kare

Elizabeth Albrycht

Thanks Kare! I am looking forward to seeing you there...and let's talk seminars.

Carol Savery

I came across Foucault's term "technologies of the self." Has much research been done linking this concept to writing blogs?

Elizabeth Albrycht

Carol - I haven't seen anything that links the two, but that doesn't mean it isn't around. I find many of Foucault's ideas illuminating when considering blogging and other forms of participatory communications, esp. self-surveillance and the microphysics of power. I've written about that a bit (you might have already found it, given the question). A search on Foucault here will bring up the posts...

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