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January 19, 2006


Mary Schmidt

Well, we can't all be Albert Einstein (and he did have a problem remembering to wear socks, after all) - but that doesn't mean we can't grow, learn, and yes create and share knowledge. It almost never fails that when I've written somebody off as "stupid" they come up with an idea or thought that surprises the heck out of me.

Amidst all the bad news of corrupt government, terrible wars, environmental catastrophes - the shining bit of hope is that people are communicating at a level never before seen in human history. From Chinese village dissidents to Iraqi citizens to African women to American tech geeks - we can all be on line and learning about each other and that can only lead to a better world.

Now, I think I'll go read some of those Iraqi blogs...

Jim Horton

Good insight. The notion of mass audences and mass media have been wrong from the beginning. Mass is only from the point of view of the sender and never from the receiver. With the granularity of the internet, communicators should consider individuals rather than audiences. That we don't says something about us.

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