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February 01, 2006


Ewan McIntosh

Maybe I'm a sceptic but this just doesn't surprise me at all, because even in the noble profession of Education most 'edubloggers' are out there to be seen as part of 'something big, something new'. But after months of reading the same comments from enthusiastic but monotonous blogs (and maybe mine included, although I'd doubt that based on my feedback ;-) I am desperate for some truly NEW thinking.

Blogs are being explained (and therefore marketed to some extent) by these normally American and Canadian educators without thinking about the message they are trying to give to educators. The message should be that teaching has to change from what it was 100 years ago but the message is lost in the 'Oh, how cool is this' syndrome of blogging.

Elizabeth Albrycht

The same reaction can be heard amongst CMOs and others - sick and tired of "oh how cool is blogging" and looking for original thought.

Serge Cornelus

Truly looking forward to your presentation! Hope to learn as much as I did last time (Sunderland). Of course, in those days, I was just a complete rookie. Now I am a rookie with an emerging attitude. ;-)

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