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February 16, 2006



A couple of weeks ago Robert French asked that we investigated wikis, with the help of the websites you provided us with. I may have been a bit hasty in forming my opinions about wikis. At first I was pesimistic about their usefulness in a corporate setting. After reading the above article, however, I have come to realize that there are factors I had previously overlooked. I can say with honesty that I am looking forward to evaluating a study done on wikis to see what they look like in the business world, from the perspective of those who are actually using them.

One of my main hesitations in using a corporate wiki was discussed in the article. As a junior public relations in a company, which is what I would start off as, I would be aprehensive about editing the work of my seniors in the company. I do not want to make it seem that I know more than my superiors. There would have to be a lot of communication, especially from those in management positions, before, during and after the introduction of a wiki. My superiors would have to reassure me and my fellow workers that our input is important to them.

With all that said, I look forward to reading real world examples of how the wiki is changing the business communications environment.

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