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March 13, 2006


Stephen Davies

At school, we never used the phrase: "tag you're it" - we used: "tig you're it". We called the game where you have to tap someone physically on the back 'Tiggy'.

Maybe we could say we're 'tigging' them as opposed to 'tagging' them to stop the confusion?

Or would that sound too cheesy?

Philip Young

Thanks for this, Elizabeth. Tag wasn't my idea - in fact Stephen had to explain it to me! We need a word that means to deliberately hand on a small but meaningful piece of information to chosen people. Apart from the problem that it is confused with the qute sensible use of tag by Technorati etc it doesn't capture the sense of what we are examining - in the playground game, children run away to avoid being tagged whereas this is about handing something of value to people you think will make use of it. Soenthing more akin to a tip, but that's taken with hat-tip.


What a coicidence. Robert French was just trying to explain to his survey research class what a meme is. I still do not understand what a meme is or how it is supposed to be used. I would like to know more about it though. I look forward to reading your blog posts in the next couple of weeks to see what you come up with while you are studying the topic in greater detail.
I agree with you and those others who have commented.

Words such as tag or nudge can too easily be confused with other activities. There needs to be a word that can be used to describe such an invitation that everyone will be able to know what it relates to.

Tina Lang-Stuart

On memes, please see Pete Cashmore and his last post on Mashable ( on everything from memediggers to memetrackers. Very comprehensive stuff.

David Tebbutt

Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for 'tagging' me. Stuart Bruce - one of Philip Young's three taggees tagged me.

I believe that your tag completes the blogocircle.

I couldn't remember three PR people or journalists who weren't the heroes of the books, so I fell at the first hurdle. As I've done here, I just commented on Stuart's blog. (Thereby breaking the chain-letter effect.)

Who are your other two heroes/heroines?

Serge Cornelus

Hi Elizabeth, looking forward to it. It being the Euroblog Symposium, not the fact of 'being it', wether tagged, or tigged, or memed, or whatever... ;-) I could suggest the word 'gejost' (past participle of jossen) to you, but that's probably too Flemish for general use and has a bit of a negative feel as well. A popular word over here, nevertheless... Apart from that: memes do remind of me sometimes (not in your case Philip, I was charmed and challenged by the request) of chain letters you get via e-mail. They give you that double feeling of both 'oh no, I don't feel like passing this on' and 'I guess I should so in order not to feel guilty about it'. If memetics is the future, then I'm out of the blogosphere ;-D...

David Phillips

I am not convinced about memes (
The idea that a concept has life and death in its own right and could be 'selfish', that is would propogate its carrier, could be a reason for cultures to emerge and flourish, morph and re-emerge and or die.

It would be a good theory for understanding how languages emerge and change but does it account for the change in meaning?

Constantin Basturea

More about meme's definition/ history/ bibliography:

- A Brief Overview and History of Memetics:

"We need a word that means to deliberately hand on a small but meaningful piece of information to chosen people."

Something like passing the baton? :) - see "relay race",

Elizabeth Albrycht

I wish you all could have been with Serge and I as we walked the streets of Stuttgart trying to think up an appropriate name for this "passing of the baton." It was completely hilarious (if a tad lowbrow). I don't think we came up with anything faboo, but we had fun! In fact, I can't remember all of the words we discussed...

Thanks for passing on the links to resources. I will write something "thinky" on this topic soon.

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