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April 13, 2006


Serge Cornelus

Thanks for sharing the book tips! Best of luck with the course and looking forward to that podcast in the meantime... BTW: would you mind informing us about how Michel Houellebecq is in real life? He has the reputation of being a grumpy, depressed kind of psycho around here, but I wonder how much truth and how much image there is to that...


If you're not a skier take care. The ski lift leaves you at the top of a zizag icy track down the mountainside to where the snow is.

I zigged, never managed a zag and shot off into space.

The rest of the holiday was commuting by post bus to the chiropractor in the nearest town (an hour away) who charged 10 bucks a minute.

Otherwise Saas Fee is quite charming. Electric cars only. But I expect you know that.

Giovanni Rodriguez

Sounds like a great program. Congrats!

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