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May 17, 2006


David Phillips

We need more research. But there are some key issues to understand about social media. The reality is that a lot of these issues go away when the conversation is the decision. A wiki is a good way of making decisions.

Our problem is that many companies and organisations are having a problem with accounting. Most value in all companies is intangible. We don't do intangible in the financial world.

We also have a problem with command and control. If you read Kaplan and Norton's latest book this comes through very clearly. The most modern thinking about 'Ballanced Scorecard' is that the ballance is all internal... the constituency is not allowed in - wrong!

This is why we have to tread carefully. There are a lot of 'studies' but little research and so I believe that Elizabeth is right to point but not to go further. The reality is that we don'y know. Guessing is a mugs game.

That is why I am critical of the UK governement Minister, David Milibamd, who is podcasting. This is firing from the hip with a 'study' by the Hansard Society to examine the implications.

We do need research not studies.

Whitney Taylor

I found this post incredibly interesting because we discussed the idea of transparency in my PR Administration class today.
I definitely agree with the notion that transparency will help corporations. You bring up an interesting point about how transparency, about the decision and its process, will help build trust. Secrecy can only breed mistrust among a corporation's publics. If an organization has nothing to hide, then it should be completely honest about everything. If it isn't honest, then people assume it has something to hide. The trust that transparency would build between a corporation and its publics would be very beneficial to the corporation.
You also discuss how transparency about the decision-making process will better the process and allow for better decisions to be made. I had never thought about that before, but you made an excellent point and I think your right. I think if corporations knew that everyone would know how they came to a certain decision, they would definitely make sure that they covered all their bases and made an informed decision rather than an educated guess.
But I believe your right about transparency not becoming a mainstream activity anytime soon. Afterall, corporations like Wal-Mart have built walls of secrecy around their organization.
Also, in my class today we discussed how transparency could help the public relations industry imporve its reputation. What are your thoughts on that?

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