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June 22, 2006


Lauren Vargas

Congrats on your thesis being accepted! I look forward to your flood of information.

Kare Anderson

as a fan of your ideas I'd be delighted to support you in your future research needs re digital identity. I'm a full-time speaker & ezine publisher and thus have access to many associations, firms and individuals and would be happy to help recruit people and orgs. to respond to specific questions as they arise for you... and that photo - the view out your window is gorgeous. From out my study window I can view Angel Island in the middle of Richardson Bay (living in Sausalito)


Congrats on it being accepted, Good luck with everything

Elizabeth Albrycht

Thanks all for your support! I will definitely be sharing thoughts as I go along.

One thing on my mind lately - individualism vs. collective identity. I'll write more on that as we go!

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