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July 27, 2006


David Phillips FCIPR

Great post.

I wonder how much digital identity is significant between having a digital presence, knowing about it and inter-reacting with it.

In the latter case, the identity adds values that are not available in 'normal life' because of the Internet Agency (Prof Anne Gregory's concept)can be both of human and technological derivation.

As an aside, is digital self the means by which we achieve immortality?

Simon Collister

Hi Elizabeth

You won't find the answer to the question 'What does it mean to be a human being?' by reading Derrida!!

But interesting stuff about digital identity... I look forward to eharing more about it!

Lydia Mallison-Jones

Gosh! What a lot of deep thinking and reading you're in the midst of. You're right about beliefs being instinctive when it comes to matters like freedom and humanity.
Do you end up thinking about where faith intertwines with this? There are plenty of people who believe that humanity and being human is completely meshed with being created and having a relationship with the creator? Does that come into your reading matter?
I think that expressing oneself through a blog, is a naturally human thing to do. After all we are communicators at out core, and creators too. I believe that, being made in God's image, we love communication and creativity because He does too. Blogging is, from my perspective a very natural extension of our desire to communicate, be heard, be accepted and have influence.
Good to hear you blogging again Elizabeth. I am travelling to Spain during August and will also be resuming very regular blogging in September after the rush of the beginning of the school term.

Elizabeth Albrycht

With apologies for the huge delay in answering your comments, thanks for sending them!

I am saddened and disappointed by Landis and the doping issue. I so don't want it to be true.

David - exactly. Good stuff to think about here - right where I have been going in my thoughts.

Simon - in fact, I find Derrida and his concept of differance quite helpful in understanding dynamic Being. Much like Deleuze's Fold.

Lydia - I had some wonderful conversations with a new friend I made at school, who is rich in faith. She always brought up this rather thorny issue in a thought-provoking way. In my view, there is no proof that God exists, therefore it must become a personal belief vs. anything that can be dictated about. In other words, you can't use the existence of God as proof for anything. Personally, I'd think we'd all be a lot better off if people actually lived as if they had a personal belief in God vs. trying to tell everyone that their God is best, right, strongest, etc. [And now, the arrows will fly perhaps - I don't think I ever discussed God here before.]

Paul Baker

So have you read Monadology? I remember liking it, and I should probably give it another read after all these years.

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