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September 28, 2006


Robert French

When I first learned of the site, it reminded me (a very little bit) of a video incarnation like IT Conversations. Perhaps this (or another better implementation) may work itself out, re: search and presentation, to become a valuable resource.

Their software platform is reminiscent of the many incarnations delivering video and slides for distance learning in education and the corporate world.

Upon receiving the email, I did what I usually do. Followed the link and looked around. The first thing I noticed was that the site was already tricked out with Google Ads. That always makes me question the site's validity. Don't know why, but perhaps I'm expecting site's pitched to not have that 'spam/link playing' appearance. Certainly people need to fund their efforts, but this one just looked like another "throw up a template and try to get some links" type of effort.

This is merely SonicFoundry's sixth, or so, incarnation of the domain. A visit to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine ( will show the many attempts they have made to showcase their CMS/Portal software using that domain. Don't know if this one will take, but it is a bit interesting.

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