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December 07, 2006


Yvonne DiVita

Elizabeth, this is one of the best book reviews I've ever read. You've covered so many of Mary's critical points - and shared your own experiences and insight in ways that truly support her message.

In reading about your 'bad' experience buying a digital camera, I was struck by how similar that was to an experience I had at a doctor's office! Why are women's health issues so ignored, still? I had questions and concerns about the issue I was there to discuss - but the doctor, a male, had decided what was wrong BEFORE he ever entered the examining room.

He'd read the chart and formed his diagnosis - without any input from me. All my efforts to discuss the issue were waved aside, literally, and I was sent for an ultrasound.

Long story short, I will never go back to him. And, I let my internist know it. SHE's never cut me off mid-sentence.

Lydia Mallison-Jones

Great review Elizabeth, I have a copy of Mary's book but haven't managed to finish it yet, too many other plates spinning at the moment, but what I have read is great!

I know that there are so many other women out there with similar experiences of bad service in all sorts of business / consumer arenas, I'm not one to list all of my negative expereiences, but what I will say is that in them all I have wanted the best interest of the company or organisation involved.

I have wanted them to improve in order to prosper, because ultimately bad collisions between people don't foster trade, but great connections do, and it's the later that I would want to promote.

I have had conversations with male and female staff at various establishments in order to educate them out of their presumptions, and teach them that every opportunity to connect is a sales opportunity at some level. The reaping what you sow principle reigns here too, it gets everywhere! I will mention a lovely experience that I had, that made such an impact that the company deserve my custom and a mention.

I went to get some tyres replaced on our wagon, we have four little ones, and it's a beast! I had three little ones with me at the time, and I was pregnant, I must have looked like such a "housewife / no brain / no intelligence / car thick" kind of lady (you know the classic steroetype)... but...when I asked them if I could use their toilet (notoriously very dirty in any garage set up, covered in grease, mainly men using it, enough said) they asked me to wait a moment...I did... and then when they ushered me their, they had made such an effort to clean it all up, fresh soap, clean handbasin, new toilet roll, it was so sweet, and there wasn't one woman telling them to do that!! 10/10 boys!! It was a very small thing really, but it meant a huge amount to me, and I told them so at the point of sale. They are...Northway Tyres in Watford Hertfordshire UK +44 1923 228282...they're lovely, and I shall certainly be getting tyres from them again!!

Best wishes to you Elizabeth on your growing babe xx


Elizabeth, I love Lydia's story. It shows how a little extra care goes a long way with women. Kudos to her for then telling the world about their kindness. That's how things change, by spreading the good word and setting higher benchmarks for others to copy.

Book Worm

Sounds like interesting reading. I often think women make the best customers!

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