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February 27, 2007


Kevin Dugan

>>What do you think have been the most significant things to happen over the past three months or so?<<

Elizabeth - Everything that's happened in the last three months pales in comparison to this news. Glad to hear everything went so well. Congratulations, she is beautiful! Enjoy.

Karen Russell

A beautiful name for a beautiful baby. Many congratulations.

I'm looking forward to seeing your posts pop up on my aggregator... whenever you catch up on your sleep. :)

John Cass

Elizabeth, congratulations! I am so glad everything is going so well. Baby Ellora is beautiful!

Like you, its been about the baby for me.

On the social media front, the rise of second life has been interesting. And all of the new widgets that are appearing for blogs.

GMI Blog

She already looks to be a curious little one. That is an intent gaze. Congradulations.

francois gossieaux

Congratulations!!! She is adorable...

Neville Hobson

Many congratulations, Elizabeth. What a beaut! Clear to see why you're very proud.

So welcome back to the blogosphere. You haven't missed that much :)

Robert French

Hey, a baby! How wonderful. I showed the class the photo of Ellora Mary this evening. Baby and name are a big hit.

Congratulations! A very pretty baby.

Take care.

Elizabeth Albrycht

Thanks all for your kind wishes! Ellora is indeed a very curious baby - she loves to watch the world go around, which means she dislikes being in her berceau and/or landeau (cradle/stroller). She wants to be held 24/7, sleeping and awake. And stubbornly insists on it in a rather loud tone when she isn't being held 24/7, sleeping and awake. Already a girl with a strong mind of her own! But I knew that before she was born...


A strong mind of her own... I wonder who passed that characteristic on to her? ;-) Anyway: many many many CONGRATS!!




Such great news! We all hope to hear more from you, but no one needs you as much as that baby. Congratulations and get back into the thick of things when you can.
What's happened in three months? Hard to separate the meat from the teacup storms sometimes. Probably by now we're just seeing the actual fallout of the things that happened four months ago. You're already caught up.

Philip Young

Wonderful! Congratulations! We look forward to Ellora's first post...

Tom Murphy


WOW! She's is beautiful!

Enjoy this most precious time! The blog can wait :-)


Andy Russell

Kudos on your most significant and beautiful announcement! Best wishes.

Eric Eggertson

Belated congratulations! What a beatiful girl.

The most significant development in the blogosphere is the realization that companies don't need PR, they can just blog. Apparently the resulting transparency and openness will solve all problems!

Oh, and Britany Spears is a wingnut.

La plus ca change, la plus c'est la meme chose...

Allan Jenkins

Welcome back, Elizabeth, and congratulations! What's Ellora think about Second Life?


Ewan McIntosh

A belated congratulations - I've been too busy looking after my 19-weeks in wife to blog and read others' blogs, but my thoughts are with you all!


Congrats!! Have been out of the loop as I was in India for the past month -- my new fasciNATION! If you and Ellora are ever coming to Ronkonkoma let me know and I now have a flat in NYC should you both want to visit the NYC Sephora in the future!!



What a stunner, just like her mum!

Steve (Proud Father of Two Babies) Crooks

Congratulation Elizabeth! Ellora looks beautiful, I am sure she doesn't seem beautiful at 3am when she needs a feed but one little smile more than makes up for it.

Mary Stieren

Hi I do not know you but I just gave birth a baby girl, July 16 2007 and I named her Ellora and was on google to see others with her name. Good luck with your baby Ellora, it's a beautiful name (so is Mary)

Roy G. Miller

Ah, beautiful name, beautiful little girl

-roy g (Dallas/IABC)

Melissa Scott

Congrats on your baby! I see my sister posted a congrats too. She googled Ellora's name and found you. I was googling too! Her name is Ellora Rose and my sister's name is Mary. I just thoult it was kind of funny that we both found this site! Good luck with your Ellora! She is beautful! Melissa

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