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March 01, 2007


John Cass

I think that when some people think of YouTube they think about social media but also talk about the viral success of a video. There is no real conversation between the company that makes a successful viral video and the audience, though the audience might discuss and even develop remixes and montages to the original.

When I think of social media I am really looking for the conversation that happens within the context of that social media technology. I think a company would do better to focus on the latter and figure out how to develop conversations with their audience within each social media technology. That seems easy for blogging, but what do you do in YouTube or Flickr? I think that’s the most interesting question.


In my Public Relations class at Auburn University, social media has been a hot topic in class. This is why I was attracted to your post. We use YouTube, Blogging, and many more tools to make the social world what it is today.
Unfortunately I do not know the answer to who is left of the current defintion in Social media. But I really like that question and would like to know a good answer. Hopefully when I view this site in the future I will know.

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