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March 06, 2007


Mike Sansone

Three things I'd add:

A Feed Icon/Subscribe area (possibly an email subscription for the feed) to replace the index.rdf link. FeedBurner is the place to get that done (15 minutes tops) While you're there, get their FeedFlare for your site and feed.

MyBlogLog is a great way to build a sense of community and track traffic (8 minutes)

TheGoodBlogs allows you to pull headlines from other like-minded bloggers and is a wonderful community/conversation builder. Also tracks traffic. (7 minutes).

Finding the space: Is there a reason for the calendar?

Anna Farmery

I agree the mybloglog is great - it gives you an idea of who your readers are and a "humanness" to the blog. The other 2 I would suggest are google analytics widget from widgetbox so that you can track your readership and I also quite like the new meebo widget which allows people to IM you when you are on line, the jury is out for me on this one but I like the widgets that allow more interaction.

Claire "BusinessBlogAngel" Raikes

Hi Elizabeth, my top 3 things would cross over with Mike's a bit...

1. Besides the 'feed subscribe' thing Mike is talking about, I would also add a mailing list sign up form. I'm really into blogs, but I still can't get into using my feedreader and if I can't, then just imagine how many people might be slipping through your fingers. I'd incentivise sign-up by offering a free report or a free audio or something. I've just come up with a really neat and fully automated way of delivering that for my clients using a combination of Typepad and Constant Contact which I'll be happy to share with you. Just drop me a line. Or at the very least, do as Mike suggests and just go with feedblitz or feedburner 'post alerts by email' type system.

2. Mike's already mentioned MyBlogLog, so I'll come up with something else... How about a MyChingo - soon to be MobaTalk - Audio Comment Box? That allows visitors to leave little voice messages. You have control over whether you publish them or not, but its just a lot of fun and all adds to community and relationship building. Also dead quick and easy to install -

3. On the basis that you have a ton of regular readers, my third suggestion is that you surrender to the lure of the blidgety widget and offer them your blog as a widget - which is, naturally, a blidget! You then display the widget that tells them they can!!

Or given that you are a sought-after speaker, how about an audio welcome message just under your picture, saying hello and telling them what they can find where (not autoplay though!). You can do that really easily with AudioAcrobat and a telephone!



PS Congratulations on the arrival of Ellora!

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