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October 15, 2007


john cass

Take a look at Jay Rosen's analysis of assignment zero.

Mark Briggs

Might I recommend my new book called Journalism 2.0. It's available as a free PDF download or in traditional book form for $10.

For more information, go here:

You're smart to analyze the evolution of journalism and news as it relates to marketing and P.R. My wife is in that field so we're constantly talking about the new ways each field is changing in the digital age.

Richard Stacy

You will probably have already got this but would imagine Jeff Jarvis' recent Networked Journalism Summit - - will have some interesting stuff.

Elizabeth Albrycht

Thanks all!


As a PR student at Auburn University we are learning the functions and practices of social media in this time of change amongst PR, Journalism, and Marketing. In my Style and Design class which focuses on social media we are required to blog about current PR topics, do video interviews about news on campus, an online media kit and by the end of the class we will have our own Website with our resume. While this has been a lot of work I know that these skills will give me the leg up when looking for jobs. While the old rules of journalism and PR is still very important it is also an important tool to implement social media practices in to the mix as well. This will assure that your message is effectively conveyed.

Elizabeth Albrycht

I am trying to find a timeline of the global history of social media on one powerpoint slide. I will produce one if I need to, but if you know of one already, that would be great.

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