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October 02, 2007


Peter Berry

Your comments on how the culture of an organisation can be shown by looking at the interests and activities of its employees is fascinating. "Organisational culture" is seen as what happens in the workplace but examining the creative , sporting, whatever activities of staff surely says a lot about what that culture is - and how it may be developed. A lot of food for thought.

john cass

I think it’s a matter of strategy adoption rather than technology. The technologies a facilitating a change in marketing approach, but it does not mean that many companies are adopting the new strategies. I think you are right there are few really good examples.

On the design question, I do like the blog, but maybe its a combination of blogs, a blog aggregator and a popularity voting website. Microsoft's Heather Hamilton meets Adobe's aggregator meets Dell's Ideastorm

Peter Berry

The idea that corporate culture is shaped by more than what goes on in the workplace is a powerful one. The web of interests and activities that employees have outside work must surely impact on the attitudes towards work, and be a pool of ideas and relationships that the organisation is affected by.
An organisation that engages with the knowledge and interests of its employees and finds a way to use that expertise - and the relationships and networks - is going to enhance its culture significantly. It will also develop means through which employees add value to their time at work.

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