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December 03, 2007



As you said, "People aren't singular spaces or creatures". The purpose of 360° strategies is not to surround or bombard consumers. I think that the whole class was wrong or at least misexplaining their views. In fact what we call "global" communication or "360°" is the coherence between all the messages and tools.
For instance a cie using TV to say : "our bank is not talkative, we are an efficient bank" and which is at the very same moment saying "we are the bank you can easily tlak to" on billboards.
This bank would display 2 different and opposit messages, diminishing its credibility.
The purpose is not to trap the consumer but to have him exposed to 1 coherent message whatever is the communication support. And since we all have multiple idS, cies just tend to use multiple means, not for the best that i agree.

Diploma owner

I agree with your point almost completely. 360 Dergee Marketing in not a good way of economic development.

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